Sivapharma Minecraft Server

Survival Server, Semi Vanilla

Go to the Discord to play with us !

🖥️ IP:
👥 Version : 1.17

A world to explore, without size limit

With its economy and its farm factories

We offer you a return to the origins of multiplayer on Minecraft !
Sivapharma is a survival server on the latest stable version of Minecraft. Cool atmosphere and no fuss 😃

The whitelist is activated 👌 Goes through the Discord to introduce you a little before being added (we bite no one, I promise 😜). We only accept nice players who know how to respect the rules (simple ^^) and who also respect others 😉

Trust is essential for us ! 🤝 This allows everyone to move forward on their projects, alone or with others!

Go to the Discord to play with us !

Some informations about the server:

Shop with diamonds (a bit like on HolyCube season 5) –> 🤑 All the info here 🤑 <—
Protection of chests and doors with a sign (Private system),

Log system to avoid grief from your base,

Infinite map !

KeepInventory active,

No de pay-to-win !

Dynmap easily accessible –>

Hébergement puissant : 4 coeurs CPU AMD Ryzen, SSD NVME ultra rapide, 6gb de mémoire vive (extensible), connexion fibrée afin d’éviter les lags et un confort de jeu optimal !

Backups 💾 are carried out automatically every night in order to avoid the loss of the server in the event of a storage disk failure

To join us or to ask us questions -> go to the Discord !

We look forward to seeing you on the Sivapharma Server 😇

Minecraft ? You do not know ?

Minecraft is a survival game. So you find yourself thrown into an open world without any resources. The goal is therefore to stay alive.

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