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The Rules are simple and you must respect them all :ballot_box_with_check:

:no_entry: Do not destroy other players buildings and properties, but you are allowed to prank them as long as you stay reasonable :wink:,

:no_entry: Do not steal the ressources of another player(more likely what’s inside their chests or shulkers),

:no_entry: DO NOT destroy the map (No half-cut trees, no holes in the ground…),

:no_entry: Do not Kill other players without their consent nor their pets/animals or their mobs,

:no_entry: Cheating is strictly forbidden :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: You must respect every players on the server (be polite , watch your tongue, fair-play, good behaviour, community life …),

:sos: You can report any problems or misbehaviour to the staff @Modo,

:no_entry: Self-promote or advertisement is strictly forbidden without the consent/approval of @Modo,

:robot: Do not use bots outside of their dedicated channel –> #commandes-bot ,

:person_gesturing_no: Due to some abuses, duplicating items is not allowed on the server. However there are some exceptions :no_entry: , Please contact an @Admin to get their approval first.

:man_bowing: We do not recommend you to join the server if you are below seventeen years old (17),

:white_check_mark: Your discord name must match your Minecraft Ign (Right click on your username then on “Change name”),

:book: Once you are done reading the rules, we suggest that you wait for a @Recruteur to invite you for a call. If after 24h (48-72h on week-ends), you didn’t get an answer from one of the staff members, please read your arrival instructions and the rules again before sending your request again.

:tickets: Don’t forget to sign your application with the code ‘MSP2021’ to confirm to members that you have checked the server and that you agree to abide/stay by these rules.

:ballot_box_with_check: It is a server mainly based on trust :handshake: If for one reason or another an admin no longer trusts you/, then he can ban you, without warning and without having to justify himself. Also immature behaviour is not tolerated. :performing_arts: (DO NOT TRY to use X-Ray. We will know and we will track you down to bring justice upon yours sinful soul… It’ll most likely be a banhammer. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

:bulb:Practical Information:bulb:

– The map is boundless (No perimeter) ! :infinity:

– Keepinventory is on (No items loss if player dies) :innocent:

– The only protected place is the spawn island, you are free to build everywhere else (but not to close to someone else base ! :free:

– Type /help in game to access the command you can use and more.:bulb:

– You can protect your chests buy putting a sign on it (just right click on the chest with the sign in your right hand):lock:

– Every player can have 1 home. Type/sethome nameofthehome to add one and /home nameofthehome to go to it :house_with_garden:

– Go check our website to access the dynamap :map: –>

– Server Ip:, and there is the website :technologist:

– The server is currently in :point_right:1.16.4 / 1.16.5

– The host of the server is myself (herflo), connected via a fibre-optic internet connection. The server is on 24/7, if it’s off, just let me know, I’ll turn it on again! :gear: Backups are automatically made every night.. :floppy_disk:

– The money generated by the shop ( is only used to pay for the hardware and power consumption of the server. If you wish to help us, you can buy a grade or make a donation. However, we want to make sure that the Sivapharma server is not a pay-to-win! :man_technologist:

:question: How to join:question:

– To be added to the whitelist, you must present yourself in writing, in a few sentences (at least, explain to us, in a few sentences, why you want to join the server, how old you are, how long you’ve been playing minecraft, etc…). ) on #presentation :pencil: Then you’ll have to go on voice with a @Recruiter (we don’t bite :wink: ), if we like your profile then you’ll be added to the whitelist :white_check_mark: (Avoid spelling mistakes :pray: You won’t be accepted if you make too many ).

:no_entry: Any message sent as a private message to the administrators/moderators to try to speed up access to the rooms will result in a permanent ban.

:bangbang:Your addition is not definitive and for the reasons mentioned above you can be removed from the whitelist for good. :bangbang:

How are map changes made on the Sivapharma server ? :map:

The aim is to keep a map as long as possible :hourglass: but also to allow everyone to access the new features easily :new:

– As soon as we decide to change a map, you will be notified as soon as possible, :mega:

– If a Minecraft update only concerns the end or the nether, only the end or the nether will be replaced :yin_yang: (Example: In 1.16 the nether map was replaced during the nether update which brought big changes),

– If a Minecraft update concerns the “normal” world (overworld), then all the worlds will be changed, the items will be reset :fire: (This will be the case with the Cave update announced for this summer), – You will be able to download (for free) all the maps that will have been replaced, :free:

– You will have the possibility to ask for a copy-paste of your base from the old map to the new one, this is a paying functionality and subject to certain conditions because the server is not pay-to-win ! :money_with_wings: ( — INCOMMING, MAYBE —

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